62days: The Albus/Gellert Fandom Challenge
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Spoiler Warning: This community will have spoilers for 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'

sixtytwodays is a fandom challenge community dedicated to bring forth more fanworks dedicated to Albus Dumbledore & Gellert Grindelwald from the Harry Potter series. The first (and so far only) confirmed canon gay couple in the series.

General Rules:

- You must be a member of the community to participate.
- All fanworks posted must have Albus and Gellert as one of the main focal points.
- A romantic relationship between Albus & Gellert is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.
- By participating you agree that your work can be later archived on the Sixty Two Days Archive

Claiming Rules:

- Two claims per medium per prompt. Ex. Two fanics, two fanarts, two comics, etc
- Limit of three claims per participant at any time.
- You can claim the same prompt twice if you're doing two different types of fan works. Ex. You can do fic and art for the same prompt, but remember this would count as two claims.
- If you've reached the limit of claims and finish one or more, you can claim more prompts.

Posting Rules:

- You can post your claim(s) to the community at any time after we have confirmed your claims regardless of what round you chose.
- If you miss the deadline for your prompt, said prompt will become open immediately and you won't be allowed to claim any more prompts.
- All claims must be posted here. No links or fake cuts. Posts with links or fake cuts will get a warning and 24 hours to fix it, if its not fixed your post will be removed.

All submission must be under an lj-cut Check here if you don't know how to make one.

Please follow the following format when posting a submission:

Heading: [FIC][ART][ICONS] - 'Submission Title' [ROUND]

Title: Submission Title
Author: your pseudonym or lj username
Characters/Pairings: List of characters and or pairings
Rating: If applicable
Warnings: If applicable

lj-cut to submission


Heading: [FIC] - 'Forgive and Forget' [ROUND TWO]

Title: Forgive and Forget
Author: Myka
Characters/Pairings: Albus/Gellert
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst

Prompts Collecting: October 21, 2007 - Nov 04, 2007
Prompts Claiming: Nov 04, 2007 - per round deadline
First Round deadline: December 04, 2007
Second Round deadline: January 04, 2008
Third Round deadline: February 04, 2008


Q: If I send in an idea does someone else take this idea if he likes it and create, maybe, art or fiction or do I myself have to do it?
A: You can submit an idea, then someone else can choose that idea--you don't have to do it yourself unless you want to.

Q: Do you have to post prompts to participate? just want to know if i need to start thinking up some good ones.
A: No. You can participate without submitting prompts.

Q: if I joined I'd end up doing fanart, not fic. Would that be okay and if so, do the prompts have to be stated specifically for art?
A: Fanart is perfectly fine. Prompts can be for any medium.

Q: The user info mentions 3 rounds. What does that mean exactly?
A: It means that you will get the option to choose when you want to turn in you're prompt if you decide to take one. Some people might want to take different prompts with different deadlines.

Pictures used are of Bartek Borowiec and Kristian Lidegaard | Community is maintained by mykaa and trowicia

If you have any questions please ask them here. If you're interested in affiliating feel free to ask there as well.

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Current Challenge Status: Collecting Prompts